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Why Indian Army Needs To ‘Watch Out’ For Chinese Y-20 Aircraft As PLA Gears-Up For A Potential Battle?
China’s transport planes will augment their capacity by 20 percent soon with the indigenously-developed WS-20 engine. Military sources have told South China Morning Post that China is testing “domestically designed engines for its military transport planes”.
Italian Air Force F-35A and F-35B Fly In “Beast Mode” For The Very First Time
The Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force) has just released two shots showing an F-35A and an F-35B, both assigned to the 32° Stormo (Wing) and operated by the 13° Gruppo (Squadron), the first Italian unit to fly the F-35 since December 2016, flying a training mission in “Beast Mode”, with internal and external weapons for the very first time.
Luke AFB enters Spark Tank 2021 with ‘Next-Gen Debrief’
Luke Airmen working with an Arizona State University student have developed a 3D augmented reality system that will revolutionize the way pilots conduct mission debriefs and will represent the Air Education and Training Command at Spark Tank 2021.
Aboard USS Ford: More Weapons, More Launches, Faster & Safer
When our aging C-2 Greyhound aircraft took off from the USS Gerald R. Ford the experience was clearly different. Propelled by the electro-magnetic system that has replaced steam catapults it was much smoother and much quicker. The new launch and landing systems provide key tools for a significant reshaping of the operational tempo for the large deck carrier.
Switzerland offered F-35 final assembly as fighter responses enter evaluation
The US government has offered Switzerland the option to locally assemble four Lockheed Martin F-35As as part of a potentially 40-aircraft acquisition by the Alpine nation. Switzerland’s Armasuisse procurement agency on 18 November received responses to its second Air2030 request for proposals on behalf of four bidders for its new fighter aircraft requirement.
Chinese anti-submarine military aircraft enters Taiwan ADIZ
A Chinese military plane intruded on Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday (Nov. 22), marking the 16th such intrusion in November. One People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Shaanxi Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft entered the southwest corner of the ADIZ, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND). Taiwan in response scrambled fighter jets, broadcast radio warnings, and deployed air defense missile systems to track the Chinese plane.
BAF air defence exercise ADEX 2020-3 held
Air Defence Exercise "ADEX 2020-3" of Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) was held in Dhaka, Chittagong, Jessore, Cox’s Bazar, Tangail and Barisal on Monday. The aim of this exercise is to assess and evaluate the efficiency and capability of BAF Air Defence and identify the weaknesses and draw lessons for further improvement in the air defence system.
India to begin flight trials of Astra BVRAAM on Tejas
India is set to begin flight trials of its Astra beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) on fighter aircraft Tejas. A source was cited by The Times of India as saying that Astra missile on Tejas has virtually completed ‘initial ground trials’. The source was quoted as saying: “The flight trials of the indigenous missile on the indigenous fighter will begin within the next few months.”
China's Y-20 strategic transport aircraft gets key indigenous engine: reports
China's Y-20 strategic transport aircraft is finally getting its long-awaited domestically developed engines, which recently made their first public appearance, multiple media reports speculated recently. The new engines are expected to boost the Y-20's key performances including range and cargo capacity, in addition to reducing reliance on imported engines, experts said on Sunday.
Japan says farewell to its ‘Phantastic Phantom’ fighters
There is an old joke, about the F-4 Phantom fighter jet — an aircraft that was prominent during the Vietnam war. So the story goes, they asked a fighter pilot, what it was like to fly an F-4. He began by saying, “Well, with enough thrust, anything can fly …” The Phantom has been called “double ugly,” “rhino,” “old smokey,” and monikers even less flattering, according to Air & Space.
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